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Specialisatie: Research & Development
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Monobanda is an award winning studio that explores and expands the boundaries of play and interaction. Our projects connect the human body, physical space and the virtual world in surprising ways, creating new forms of meaningful play that find their way into art, science and education.

Our core aesthetic is ‘play’. A state of being that all humans share, and facilitates our best traits, like creativity, communication, motivation and self confidence. Inspired by the social interactions that are found on a playground or in a sandbox, where creativity and imagination run free, we make projects that inhabit the space between the virtual and physical world. This means we always create experiences where people discover something new about themselves through playful behaviour. Something that is always both personal and totally universal.

We work in hybrid teams where our art is informed, and co-created by scientists, psychologists, care professionals and other experts on the broad spectrum of human experience. Our work ranges from (VR) Games, art installations to workshops and mental healthcare interventions.

Play is everywhere after all.

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