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Tjoapack is a global and independent Contract Packaging Organisation (CPO) of medicines servicing clients across five continents and 42 countries. We’re dedicated to shaping the future of the pharmaceutical supply chain to be safer and more reliable for our customers and for patients.

We specialize in primary packaging for solid dosage forms, secondary packaging and unit dose packaging. Now, we have a total of 19 packaging lines for blisters, wallets and bottles. Using these lines, we package around 26 million packs of pharmaceutical products per year, which equates to around 1.4 billion tablets. Tjoapack also expands in the area of injectables and can offer secondary pacaging solutions for vials and prefilled syringes.

Our knowledge and experience mean we can offer flexible packaging and supply chain services. Using the latest technologies we are continuously looking to improve our offering and the wider supply chain.

We strive to make healthcare products usable, available, traceable, and affordable.

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