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Ryberg combines the latest in computer vision, robotics and medical science to deliver intelligence and efficiency in disinfection.

Safeguarding buildings and facilities in healthcare and beyond. Our UVC technology is proven to kill up to 99,99% of viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.

On any given day, approx. 1 in 25 hospital patients have at least one Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI). Each year there are 3.8 million hospital-associated infections in EU, from all types of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, cause or contribute to 90,000 deaths. This results in €7 billion direct costs and 16 million extra days of hospital stays.

Ryberg’s Disinfection Robots are self-driving disinfection machines that operate at the highest efficiency. Our unique Disinfection Engine makes smart decisions to optimise disinfections and allows our robots to disinfect up to 8 hours and 1.000m2 per battery charge. Designed to bring a strong layer of defence in the age of deadly viruses.

Our Disinfection Robots come along with a tablet and App which allows you to operate the Disinfection Robot with ease: it maps your environment and creates efficient navigation paths. Simply set the times for when you want the robot to disinfect. It works autonomously based on pre-determined schedules or on-call for immediate disinfection.

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