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AI meets Fertility Treatments

Pera Labs is a next-generation fertility tech company transforming the reproductive health field through Artificial Intelligence and lab-on-chip technology.

World's first and only Sperm analysis AND selection system
At Pera Labs, we develop digiceuticals and AI-powered solutions for reproductive health problems. Our flagship product is SPERMAN® technology which will transform the way we analyze sperm quality and select BETTER sperm.

Our Solutions

We are shaping a better future for animal & human reproduction

World's First and Only Sperm Analyzer and Sorter Device (SPERMAN®)
We have developed AI-powered sperm analysis and sorting device for fertility clinics and for farm animal reproduction.

SPERMAN® provides all-in one solution for time consuming and labor intensive sperm assessment and selection procedures.

Sperm Sorting for sex selection (sex-sorting)
Our proprietary Sex-sorting method powered by SPERMAN® is label-free and provides zero sperm damage and higher fertility rates.

We provide "Sex-sorting-as-a-Service". Our scalable technology will democratize the sex-sorted semen market for dairy farmers.

Non-Medical Sex Selection for Carrier Testing
Why wait until embryo to find out if there are any inherited genetic diseases from parents using PGD?

We have an affordable solution to integrate into carrier testing procedures.

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