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Business and Innovation coaching and support and set up of new enterprises. Experienced with business development in the broad sense. Successful achievements in various application fields like high tech systems, agro, life sciences (medtech) and chemistry. Support and coaching on a.o.: strategy development, finding new business opportunities, creating strategic partnerships, developing strong IP positions, negotiating and valuating deals (including acquisitions), solving dilemma's, creating roadmaps for product and service development. Successfully set-up start-ups in high-tech/agrotech and medtech, including arrangement of financing.

Business and Innovation coaching and support

House of Innovation can support and coach you in various ways. Our aim is to bring you in a structured and efficient way (again) on top of your venture creation, business development and innovation activities. We help you to realize your dream! Why would you choose us? Our team and network of multidisciplinary technology and business experts have created substantial value for a wide variety of clients and partners from start-ups to multinationals. 
Sparring partner From a broad experience in various market sectors we can reflect on and challenge your development plans and strategy so that you increase your awareness, create more alternative scenario’s and increase development effectivity and efficiency.

Venture creation

After having set up a number of ventures from scratch, we have build experience with all aspects that shall be addressed (mostly simultaneously) to get financed and started in an efficient and structured way.

  • New Venture Creation – building technology-enabled business and ventures. 
  • Development of new business models and business chains

Strategy & business development

It all starts with a vision. Your vision. If needed we can help you to sharpen your picture of the future and where you intend to go. Based on that vision we can support you in outlining the strategy and business development steps to be taken to realize your dream. Because new products/services by definition need new business model(s), we consider them as part of strategy development.

Innovation development

The process of innovating is starting with a fuzzy front-end. Many ideas, many opportunities, many challenges and restrictions. Everything seems thinkable, possible and achievable. But also many dilemmas surface. We can bring you structure and insight, support getting overview, create roadmaps and a clear path towards new business, simultaneously converging and diverging.

  • Ideation
  • Roadmap development
  • New business model(s)
  • Stake-holders and collaboration model(s)
  • IP management
  • (co-)Financing
  • Boundary conditions


House of Innovation offers a range of technology and business development services that are built on our extensive experience of commercialising and optimising technology. Our services include: Product & Service Innovation – combining advanced technology development withcreation of concepts for new products and services, to drive business growth.

  • Integrated Product Development – accelerating time to market by managing technicalrisks and costs.
  • Product Cost Reduction – innovative redesign to reduce product costs by at least 20%.
  • Technology Management – optimising technology investment decisions in today’s complex and rapidly changing environment, including IP management.
  • R&D Performance Improvement – maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of technology resources.

Our Expertise Areas and Networks

House of Innovation fields of expertise are primarily in the B2B arena. 

  • New materials and (manufacturing) processes
  • Sensors, MST and Embedded Systems
  • Business Innovation
  • μ-Factories 

Our networks are mainly in Hightech, Agrotech, Foodtech and Chemtech. 

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