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Increasing Impact. Decreasing monopoly. Guaranteeing data privacy.

Our federated learning environments allow data scientists to work together for delivering better services and products to your end users.

What we do

Overview of the products and services we provide

Decentralised Private Cloud
We provide a distribution platform for federating your machine learning agents. Using our client application you connect your agents to distribute and collaborate with each other in a private decentralised environment.

Federated Learning Technology
Federated Learning is a method for training decentralised machine learning models across a selection of devices. Individual models are produced from data, and our technology aggregates these learnings to a larger knowledge pool.

Distribution Consulting
Don't know where to get started? From helping your specific use-case to unlock the benefits of distribution, to code implementations and systems architecture. We provide services to get your systems distribution ready.

Our Work

Healthcare Solutions
BranchKey works together with innovation teams on projects that change the way we think about our wellbeing. Healthcare institutions can collaborate on machine learning applications while keeping their patient data securely on-premise.

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