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Biomed Elements Wound Management Large

BioMed Elements strives to develop biomaterials that will enhance lives. BioMed develops, manufactures and supplies biomaterials for the medical device and cosmetic industry. Currently BioMed Elements focuses on biomaterials based on biocompatible and degradable biopolymers.

The BioMed specialists have extensive expertise and knowledge of biopolymer chemistry and are capable of processing these natural materials into various functional end forms (e.g., sponges, powders and gels). Our specialists are capable of customizing the functionalities (e.g., degradation and viscosity) of these forms by influencing the chemical interaction between the individual biopolymer chains. Moreover, BioMed has a patented process that gives us additional control over the material specifications.

BioMed Elements has access to a platform technology that enables them to produce well-defined spherical submicron particles from various biopolymers such as gelatin and hyaluronic acid. This platform enables Biomed Elements to influence the characteristics (e.g., size and porosity) of the particles. These particles can act as the building blocks of the end material. BioMed Elements can influence the functional properties (e.g., absorption, pliability) of the matter by tuning the particle characteristics.

BioMed Elements gives their customers access to natural materials, but with the added control over functionality and specifications. This unique combination makes these natural materials useful for many more applications. BioMed offers biomaterials for application areas such as: advanced wound management, cosmetics, tissue engineering, medical aesthetics and orthopedics.

If you are interested in BioMed Elements biomaterials or want more information regarding the manufacturing of submicron particles please contact us to explore the possibilities.

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