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MedInReal i.o.

Medinreal develops Artificial Intelligence solutions to mitigate the administrative burden in healthcare. Medinreal's virtual care assistant navigates the EHR, interacting with other existing tools and automating repetitive tasks. Interaction with the EHR becomes simpler, parsing narrative input, the assistant enters patient data, using templates and workflows to further speed the input of patient documentation. Its intelligent capabilities allow it to identify structured data elements, ensuring a match with medical terminology, assign all ICD-10, SNOMED codes. It further processes medical bills, automates insurance data, processes claims, and reports analytics.

The Artificial Intelligence developed by medinreal, converts any device on their personal medical assistant, taking administration away and allowing doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients. "


Bedrijfsnaam: MedInReal i.o.
Website: http://www.medinreal.com/
Organisatietype: Bedrijf
Specialisatie: eHealth, ICT, Medical devices
Bezoekadres: Transistorweg 7, 6534AT, Nijmegen, Nederland
Postadres: Transistorweg 7 B, 6534 AT, Nijmegen, Nederland
KvK: 67670067


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